Global NoElevatorsDay 2018 – Review

Global NoElevatorsDay 2018 – Review

Global NoElevatorsDay 2018 – Review

3 days ago, the first global NoElevatorsDay took place, in cooperation with the Towerrunning World Association.

NoElevatorsDay is a pan-European initiative which is part of NowWeMOVE campaign initiated by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) to get 100 million people more active by 2020. NoElevatorsDay highlights a simple way for busy people to add physical activity to their day: take the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators.

ISCA and its partners invited citizens, organisations, institutions and companies to seal off some elevators and encouraged their audience, employees and customers to take the stairs.

Organizations and individuals in Asia, USA, Europe and Latin America have made commitments to join the campaign.

The event had three main objectives:

1. Focus the public’s attention on the importance of physical activity for health and well-being.

2. Demonstrate how easy it is for citizens to be active despite their busy everyday lives.

3. Encourage people to be more active through a free activity

In Europe, several organizations, instituts, schools and companies participated, supported or promoted successfully the event, like for example the Seegartenklinik in Kirchberg, the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Einsteinmarathon and ratiopharm in Ulm, Kantonsspital in Winterthur or up to 19 schools in Spain. Even single people as Marc Leutenegger from Switzerland, who made a video (see link below), encouraged people to take the stairs instead of the lift.

We are looking forward to next year’s event, where more and more people and organizations hopefully will join the event

You can find all the information concerning the event here:

Well, who the hell needs an elevator to get up?!

ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association NowWeMove