MBPJ Tower Run

MBPJ Tower Petaling Jaya MAS
552 Stairs and 25 Floors


Winner Male: Wai Ching Soh
Winner Female: Michele Tan Bee Kiang
No. Edition: 1
Factor: 80
Contact email:
Category: T
Additional Info: Towerrunning Tour
Malaysian Championships

qualification heat
the 20 fastest race a second time
and in a third round of the 10 fastest the Champions are decided
Last factor:  


Venue Name: MBPJ Tower
Country: MAS
City: Petaling Jaya
No stairs pos: 552
No floors pos: 25
Special Info:

Height df pos: 85

Points Male

Athlete IDAthlete NamePlaceTimePoints
MAS1994M001Wai Ching Soh180
MAS2001M001Muhammad Hazim Zuhairi Bin Azahari268
TPE1991M002Yu-Chieh Yen360
MAS2005M001Muhammad Hakimi bin Adnan1030
SIN1997M001Yi Qun Heng1127

Points Female

Athlete IDAthlete NamePlaceTimePoints
MAS1984F001Michele Tan Bee Kiang180
SIN1983F001Serene Cheong268
MAS1998F002Wan Yi Yeong740
MAS1992F001Valerie Sarah Ong836
MAS1994F001Yee Chin Chan933
SIN1979F001Seow Cher Tan1030