Outstanding Sarah Frost & Wai Ching Soh Leicester winners

Outstanding Sarah Frost & Wai Ching Soh Leicester winners

Top 6
LOROS Tower Run – St. Georges Tower – Leicester – March 14

1 Sarah Frost (GBR) 1:52,8
2 Kimberley Etherington-Bates (GBR) 2:28,3
3 Sonja Shakespeare (GBR) 2:38,9
4 Sarah Ballard (GBR) 2:40,7
5 Jo Remington (GBR) 2:41,2
6 Chris Simpson (GBR) 2:42,0

1 Wai Ching Soh (MAS) 1:24,8
2 Kacper Mrowiec (POL) 1:29,7
3 Laurence Ball (GBR) 1:31,4
4 David Harris (GBR) 1:44,2
5 Chris Surman_Wells (GBR) 1:44,6
6 Matthew Pleass (GBR) 1:44,7

Despite Covid-19 induced restrictions nearly 300 athletes made it to Leicester for the 5th edition of LOROS Tower Run

It is a stair sprint with the option of multiple tries.

Sarah Frost had an outstanding comeback after injury and an unlucky end of last season. Runner up 35,5 seconds behind (in a sprint race) was Kimberley Etherington-Bates with well known Sonja Shakespeare completing the podium.

Wai Ching Soh after Eiffel postponement and Vertical Rush cancellation finally could race on his European trip. His 1:24,8 meant a new course record beating Kacper Mrowiec from Poland by nearly 5 seconds. Laurence Ball finished 3rd followed by David Harris.

Within the winning margin separating Sarah Frost from her runner up the Top10 males were classed

With corona situation escalating in Europe and America right now very likely we will have no races in the next weeks

Stay focused – after a crisis better times are here to come !