Towerrunning World Championships 2024

Towerrunning World Championships 2024

Happy New Stairclimb 2024….. and here we go with the news !!!

 TWA is proud to announce the Towerrunning World Championships 2024 and the Towerrunning Tour Final 2024.

The Towerrunning World Championships will take place on May 4, 2024 at the famous Taipei 101 in Taipei. The Towerrunning Tour Final will take place on Nov 24, 2024 ( date to be confirmed )  at the Shanghai Tower in Shanghai.

The World Championships are a regular Towerrunning Tour event with the highest possible factor of 280 points. The Towerrunning Tour Final is a regular Towerrunning Tour event with the factor of 240 points.

There will be 30 invitations for the World Championships at 101 !
More information about the qualification criteria, race mode and all important race details will follow up soon… All registered TWA athletes willing to take part but not fulfilling the qualification criteria will get a spot in the Elite category and free race entry.
Interested athletes please apply at the link below !

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Stairs up!


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