January 24  -  Towerrunning World Cup Final  2014 Vienna  - January 24, 2015                    Gallery

An exclusive field of 67 stair runners including the top-ranked athletes of the Towerrunning World Cup, the winners of ten WFGT Towerrunning Challenge events all around the globe and Towerrunning Austria qualifiers gathered in the wintry Vienna, Mecca of the European stair racing community. In the first one of two individually timed heats, the competitors had the task to secure their ticket for the final round by placing among the top 10. Naturally, as the athletes want to save their energy for the decisive heat, this mode gives rise to tactical experiments and surprises. Australia’s Darren Wilson gambled away his chances and was eliminated on 12th position. Wilson was in good company with Cristina Bonacina (ITA), Jana Zatlukalova (SVK), Görge Heimann (GER), Norbert Lechner (AUT), and other top-ranked international athletes missing the cut.

The fastest semi-final times were set by Christian Riedl and Andrea Mayr. Did they shoot their bolt too early? By no means. No one thought possible that the course record could be broken in the ice-cold stairwell, but Christian Riedl proved us wrong. The German, racing his first World Cup competition since October, literally smashed Lobodzinski’s standing record and clocked an unbelievable time of 3:23.6 minutes, four seconds ahead of the Polish World Cup champion and further Eastern European rivals Tomas Celko (SVK), Tomas Macecek (CZE) and Stefan Stefina (SVK). Young Austrian athlete Jakub Meyer caused a stir with his 6th place in a world-class field.

Andrea Mayr, still unbeaten in Towerrunning races, gave another demonstration of her stair racing qualities and won the competition in 4 minutes and 7.4 seconds. Though she was without a chance in the battle for a World Cup medal with just five race participations in the 2014 season, the reigning European Towerrunning Champion seems to be well-positioned for the World Championships in Doha. A fortnight after her AOTC title, Suzy Walsham’s World Cup triumph was never placed in jeopardy. The Singapore-living Australian, scarcely recovered from a short illness, became runner-up and kept her World Cup rival Lenka Svabikova clearly at bay. The Czech, leading the point standings for several weeks, placed fourth in Vienna, one second behind Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL).

After a short breather, the Towerrunning World Cup award presentation was held amidst great rejoicing. As mentioned in the beginning, Piotr Lobodzinski (1569 points) and Suzy Walsham (1471.5) stood atop the podium. Tomas Celko (1427) and Lenka Svabikova (1372) took silver, and the bronze medals went to Christian Riedl (1422.5) and Maria Theresa Handlbauer (955.5). With the points collected in GuangZhou and Vienna, Australia sealed the deal in the Nations Cup ranking. Towerrunning Austria’s ÖTL Cup titles, connected with an invitation to the World Championships, went to Klaus Hausleitner and Maria-Theresa Handlbauer.

January 23 - Reminder: TWA registration for 2015 World Cup season 
In the 2015 season the Towerrunning World Association and our sport will do another step towards global professionalization by introducing an athlete registration system, connected with a systematic data management and new services.
All athletes can sign up by filling in a registration form. Subsequently, you will receive your individual TWA Athlete ID number. This ID together with your password will give you access to a personal page in a protected area of the TWA website. From 2015 your individual access can be used to view your race results and statistics, to apply for TWA elite athlete support (travel packages ...) and register for international Towerrunning championships.
The license fee is 24€ for the whole season (reduced fee of 18€ for athletes under 20 or 50+). Preliminary registered athletes can convert their account into an official TWA license for the 2015 season from within their profile.

January 21: Athlete Registration - Latina  

The 2015 World Cup season has already started. The Rules & Regulations as well as the calendar of Grand Prix & Premium Races will be published after the joint 2014 Finals of World Cup and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge in Vienna on January 24. Note: Only registered athletes with a valid Athlete-ID are eligible for points in the Towerrunning World Cup 2015.  Information here.

2nd Latina Vertical Sprint: On January 18, the Central Italian city Latina experienced a high-class Towerrunning event. The second edition of Latina Vertical Sprint, Italy’s most important stair race, attracted 149 enthusiastic athletes running up the sixth-tallest building of the country. Champions in the 38-storey-race became Emauele Manzi (Forestale Team), just one week after his podium results in the Chinese Towerrunning Grand Prix, and Ivonne Martinucci (Gp Valchiavenna Team).

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January 18: Athlete Registration - Indianapolis

The 2015 World Cup season has already started. The Rules & Regulations as well as the calendar of Grand Prix & Premium Races will be published after the joint 2014 Finals of World Cup and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge in Vienna on January 24. Note: Only registered athletes with a valid Athlete-ID are eligible for points in the Towerrunning World Cup 2015.  Information here.

32nd Bop to the Top - Indianapolis: At this traditional first highlight of the US Towerrunning season  the defending champions stood on top of the podium again. Both not only dominated the World Cup relevant Triple Step Division but in their 4th climb clocked the fastest times of the Individual Division too. It was the 21st consecutive win for stair climbing legend Cindy Harris in her hometown ! Eric Leninger won the Bop for the 3rd time after 2009 and 2014.

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January 9  -  Asian & Oceanian Championships Guang Zhou                          Gallery

Down Under once again has set the standards: Having claimed 9 of 10 possible victories in the 2014 season’s Grand Prix and Premium Races in East Asia and Australia, the Australian team lived up to its reputation as favourite and claimed both Asian & Oceanian Towerrunning Championship gold medals. Darren Wilson celebrated a superior triumph conquering GuangZhou’s Canton Tower in 14 minutes and 34 seconds, while it took Suzy Walsham 17:36 minutes for her race to one of the highest and largest outdoor observation decks in the world. The margins of victory were incredible 68 and 96 seconds, respectively. Even a fall on the difficult race course could not prevent Darren Wilson from his triumphal procession.

Outstanding female Chinese contestants Fengjuan Fan (19:12) and Lujiao Liao (21:19) outcompeted Xinxin Maier (21:59) in the battle for the AOTC medals, whereas the men’s heat was coined by strong performances of the European athletes. Towerrunning World Cup runner-up Tomas Celko (SVK) became second (15:42) with a mere 6 seconds gap in front of Emmanuele Manzi (ITA). Czech Republic’s Tomas Macecek came in fourth place (16:03), followed by AOTC silver medallist Jiajing Ou from China (16:05) and Görge Heimann (GER, 16:19). Defa Li (CHN - 17:12) took the AOTC bronze medal.

After five qualifying stages, almost 500 athlete dared to compete in the final race of the premiere AOTC tournament. The event, conducted under the auspice and immediate supervision of the Towerrunning World Association, has been endowed with a total cash prize purse of 7,400 USD. Dozens of media representatives and celebrities enjoyed the race and were able to convince themselves of the venue’s exceptional amenities.

Canton Tower, also referred to colloquially as “slim waist”, is 600 meters tall, with 450 meters of its main body and 150 meters of its antenna, which makes it the second-tallest tower in China. After 2580 stairs in different stairwells, connected by seven flat interchange sections, the athletes reached the finish line at the outlook terrace, encircled by the world’s highest horizontal ferris wheel. The city with its numerous skyscrapers has proved to be a perfect playground for China’s first Towerrunning circuit organized by Rings Sport Marketing.

As Canton Tower is one of the privileged members of the World Federation of Great Towers, the event also formed part of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge series. Jiajing Ou and Wenfei Xie, overall winners of the 2014 & 2015 GuangZhou Vertical Marathon Series, were awarded with a round-trip to the joint grand finale of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge and Towerrunning World Cup in Vienna on January 24.

January 8  -  Registration for the Towerrunning Finals in Vienna on January 24, 2015      

There are just two weeks remaining until the grand ending of the Towerrunning World Cup season in Vienna's Danube Tower. On January 24, 2015 this event will mark the joint final and culmination of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge and Towerrunning World Cup series.

9 great towers all over the world have staged WFGT Towerrunning Challenge events with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle as well as the different towers belonging to the World Federation of Great Towers. The series stopped in Macau, Tallinn, Calgary, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Bratislava, Sydney, Portsmouth and Melbourne. Each participating tower awarded its race winners with round-trip airfare tickets to Vienna where they will compete against the top athletes of the World Cup series. The invitation policy on the basis of races in all major Towerrunning areas guarantees a particular high level of competition at the World Cup Final in Vienna and we look forward to one of the most star-studded races in the Towerrunning history. Race entry is limited to a small and exclusive circle of national and international top athletes fighting for victory in two consecutive heats. In the men's battle for the podium ranks in the World Cup series Piotr Lobodzinski is holding the points advantage, ahead of Christian Riedl (GER) and Tomas Celko (SVK). In the women's Final a tense race for the global stair racing crown is expected between Suzanne Walsham (AUS) and Lenka Svabikova (CZE). Not to forget the strong local and international rivals who could decisively influence the final ranking results. After the race not only the World Cup trophies and medals, but also the invitations to the inaugural Towerrunning World Championships in Doha will be handed to the top-ranked athletes.

Another element of excitement is the national final of Towerrunning Austria 's ÖTL Cup which forms part of the Towerrunning World Cup Final. Until now twelve races have been held in seven of Austria's nine districts. Due to an active stair racing community in relation to the country's size Austria hosts the most stair races per million inhabitants. Particularly notable is the big variety of distances and venues. Classical indoor races in towers and skyscrapers are mixed with urban outdoor sprints and long distance climbs in the Alps. Klaus Hausleitner and Maria Theresa Handlbauer are sitting atop the national rankings before the Final at Danube Tower, the birthplace of the Austrian Towerrunning sport. The Austrian athletes are thrilled to celebrate their great and successful season together with international elite athletes coming to Vienna for the finals of the Towerrunning World Cup and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge.

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