April 18  –  Announcement Carrera Vertical Torre Latino  - Mexico City on June 3 

Torre Latinoamericana, a skyscraper in downtown Mexico City, will host the first Towerrunning 120 race on American soil this year precisely on June 3rd, 2018. The race, the third leg of the 2018 Towerrunning 120 series, will see 1 000 participants scaling 720 steps to the 42nd floor of the landmark building.  “We are delighted with the organization of La Carrera Torre Latino and are very pleased to be part of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge and to host Towerrunning 120 event this year again” said race director Pedro Fossas. “The Tower has a lot of charisma and we are sure it is going to be a very exciting event he added. Elite runners will be competing for a share in 1 200 Euro prize pool awarded to the top 3 placed male and female competitors. Another 1 200 Euro is reserved for the top 3 placed male and female competitors in Master and Veteran category.

The race organizer and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 4 athletes comprising 300 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast. Two of these packages will be awarded to TOP 20 ranked TWA registered athletes using the official TWA Elite application system. Two packages will be raffled among applicants ranked TOP 50 in the March 2018 ranking update. Interested athletes can apply from April 18 until April 25, 2018, 10 pm CET by emailing and

April 11  –  Announcement Subida Vertical Gran Hotel Bali  - Benidorm on May 26 

On May 26 the second Towerrunning 120 race in Europe this year will be held in Spain. The race venue, Gran Hotel Bali, is one of the most emblematic hotels in Benidorm and has picturesque views of the beautiful Poniente Beach. Until the 1960’s, Benidorm was a small fishing village but today it is known for its tourism, beaches and surprisingly, skyscrapers.

The Subida Vertical Gran Hotel Bali is one of the oldest stair races in Europe, and this year will be the 15th edition of the race. It will see competitors running up 924 steps over 52 floors to the 180 m-high finish. The race organizer offer 1200 Euro in prize money for the three best male and female runners and a special bonus of 150 Euro for breaking the track record.

 The TWA is pleased to announce travel packages for 6 athletes comprising 200 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast, lunch and dinner. These packages will be awarded to TOP 30 ranked TWA registered athletes in the March 2018 ranking update using the official TWA Elite application system. Additional travel packages for 6 athletes comprising 2 night's of accommodation including breakfast, lunch and dinner will be awarded to applicants ranked TOP 50 in the March 2018 ranking update.

Interested athletes can apply until April 18, 2018, 10 pm CET by emailing and

April 7  –  Valtellina Vertical Tube Race  - MOntagne di Valtellina   

Great day at Valtellina Vertical Tube Race with sunshine and perfect weather. Fully booked race with more than 400 entries. Win for vertical kilometer specialist italian Hannes Perkmann timing 14:10, second place for Italian mountain running rising star Alberto Vender 14:44 and third place for organizer and runner Emanuele Manzi who also set his pb to 14â:46. Just outside the podium but able to run under 15 the Austrian Jacob Mayer in front of surprising Swiss Friedrich Dä¤hler (first of non elite runners) Top ten also for Colombian Frank Carreno who finished 6th with time of 15:12. 

Great surprise in female category with win for the spanish young girl Gisela Carrion Bertran who set a good 17:25, Second place for the winner of last year Katarzyna Kuzminska (POL-17:28) and completing the podium the expert italian mountain runner and nordic skiers Antonella Confortola 17:43. Elisa Compagnoni finished in 5th place 18:07 just in front of Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik (POL-18:22).

April 1  –  Teletorni Trepijooks  - Tallinn - TV Tower                                         Pictures

The 4th race of the WFGT Tower Running Challenge 2018 was held at the TV Tower in the capital of Estonia - Tallinn on April 1st. It was the 7th edition, which is arranged annually for the reopening of the Tallinn TV Tower.

Within the race  also the first national champions of the newly founded Estonian National Towerrunning Association were crowned.

 Congratulations toKaisa Kukk and Rauno Tiits. Kaisa Kukk (Estonia) , with her all-time record win 5:46 , and Rauno Tiits (Estonia), with his all-time record win in 4:35  The event attracted athletes of all ages and especially the future champions had their fun.

 Stay tuned for the next championship race, which will take place in Taipei at Taipei 101 on May 5th - the Towerrunning World Championships 2018 ! #StairsUp #TowerRunning #WFGT #GreatTowers

March 29: Announcement of Towerrunning 200 - May 20 - Shenzhen, China  - PingAn Finance Centre

TWA is proud to announce the first International Virtical Marathon Masters in Shenzhen Ping An Finance Centre. Ping An Finance Centre is the fourth tallest building in the world with a height of 600 meters. Players will climb from the ground to the sightseeing floor with total height of 541 meters, which is 116 floors and 3201 steps. Another breathtaking experience for Towerrunners!

There will be 6000 Euro in prize money waiting for the best male and female runners.

1st_: 1200 Euro
2nd: 800 Euro
3th: 600 Euro
4th: 400 Euro

March 15 - Race Report: La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel  - Paris           Pictures  credit © Eco Trail organization

La Tour Eiffel is a mighty Iron Lady overlooking Paris from the Champ de Mars near the Seine. For the 4th year in a row now it invites some selected athletes to climb the 1665 stairs up to her highest platform. Exactly one for each year she was guarding the French capital - making it 129 lucky climbers this year ! Among these Suzy Walsham(AUS) and Piotr Lobodzinski(POL) both unbeaten three time champions and naturally favourites again.
La Vertical de la Tour Eiffel definitely is one of the most unique races on the Tour. It is a mix between indoor and outdoor, as the athletes race within the structure but are exposed to weather conditions. It is held in one of the world's most popular landmarks - inseparably connected with Paris. It is the only race held in the highest building of a major town, that is originating from the century before the last. It is the venue of the worldwide first documented stair race way back in 1905 too. And the bibs are printed on shirts all participants are required to wear throughout the race.

The track is structured into three parts corresponding to the user platforms and as always the final one is the most decisive one. At Tour Eiffel this is by far the longest one too and the spiral section near the finish adds an extra challenge to the already tired athletes. In this section it is practically impossible to overtake without "help". Despite time trial start this time the third ranked female was blocked here a bit, but thankfully without consequences for the podium places in the end. In this 2018 edition wind and partially heavy rain made for an additional chill factor to the already modest temperatures, so that the course records were out of reach.

Weather definitely not brought an advantage for Singapore living Suzy in comparison to her European challengers, but the Australian long time number One in the ranking pushed herself to the limit and she did it again. Her 10:02,7 held runner up Zuzana Krchova(CZE-10:19,46) and third ranked Dominika Wisniewska-Ulfik(POL-10:34,18) on clear distance. Looking at intermediates we see that Suzy started "slow" - she was 4th on level 1 and 2nd on level 2. But in the end 1st on level 3 counts - good timing.
There is a similar story in the male race. Piotr was only 6th on level 1 more than 10 seconds behind Colombian Frank Carreno at this point. On level 2 he was still 2nd to Frank, but at the finish line the reigning World Champion and ranking leader for more than 5 years now should remain the only athlete with a sub8 time. 7:56,67 was a clear win before Christina Riedl(GER - 8:12) and Jakob Mayr(AUT - 8:19,29. 4th was Australian Mark Bourne and Frank finally finsished 5th before the fastest home athlete Hugo Altmeyer.

You can relive the action by watching the 3 hour video on our FB presentation, the Live broadcast reached more than 300.000 peoples. Eco Trail did an outstanding job again organizing this after only 4 years already iconic event !

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