August 23 -   Carrera Vertical Towerrunning Orizaba  

With a time of 13 minutes and 31 seconds in the climb from the Independence Bridge to the top of the hill of Cerro del Borrego, young Isaac Gustavo Cruz Mendoza, got the win in the first vertical race that took place in Orizaba, Veracruz as the first event of the Circuito Mexicano Towerrunning.

There were about 300 participants in this event, female and male, which ran in three categories: open, masters and veterans.

Attendees were mainly from the capital Mexico City and the central Veracruz area, although some came from Tlaxcala and Queretaro to climb about 700 meters with a total of one thousand and 111 steps.

Gustavo Isaac, just 20 years old, said that he entered the race thanks to a friend. It is a big motivation for his upcoming appearances on the circuit to be held in Tlaxcala, Acapulco, and Tepoztlan.

The second place in the elite race category went to Juan Carlos Arcos Lira, with a time of 14'24, while the third place went to Miguel Angel Diaz Archangel, with 14'58.

In the women's race won the mexiquense Estefany Paredes Rodriguez, with 16'32; followed by Laura Reza Santos, with 16'45 from Mexico City and Veronica Salvador from Orizaba, with a time of  18'24.

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July 21  -  Announcement  Premium & WFGT Challenge race on Nov 8 Chicago Willis Tower         Website

One of tallest indoor stair climbs in the world will be held up the soaring Willis Tower in Chicago on Sunday 8 Nov 2015.  SkyRise Chicago, a TWA Premium and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge event will see athletes climb 2,115 stairs and 1,353ft to finish at SkyDeck Chicago on the 103rd floor.  The event is expected to attract more than 3,000 participants and raise more than $USD1 million for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

SkyRise Chicago is pleased to announce free registration to 40 elite athletes as follows: 5 international slots for TWA-registered athletes with a Top 30 ranking according to the July 2015 TWA World Cup rankings; a further 30 slots (15 male and 15 female) to top ranked TWA-registered North American athletes according to USA Stair Climbing Association rankings as at July 2015; and a further 5 slots to other TWA-registered competitive athletes.  Interested athletes can apply from 22 July until 19 August, 2015 at 10pm Central Europe Time by:
          International slots: emailing and
          North American slots: emailing Alex Workman of USA Stair Climbing Association at
If you are not already TWA-registered, please do so at Selected elite athletes will not enter via the event’s online registration system.  Successful applicants will be notified after the application period ends with details about the registration process.

July 21  -  Announcement  Grand Prix of China on October 11 in Guang Zhou at  Canton Tower    

The city of Guangzhou will host the Grand Prix of China and WFGT Towerrunning Challenge up Canton Tower on Sunday, 11 October 2015.  The Tower is the fifth tallest freestanding structure in the world and the tallest in this year’s TWA World Cup series, and successfully staged the Asian/Oceanian Towerrunning Championships earlier in the year. The Guangzhou Vertical Marathon Series 2015 final event up Canton Tower will challenge some of the best local and international towerrunners as they climb a staggering 2,580 stairs and more than 450m to reach the outdoor observation deck.  The top 3 male and female athletes will share in a total prize pool of EUR 3,000.

The Guangzhou Vertical Marathon Series 2015 is pleased to announce travel packages for 8 international athletes comprising EUR400 travel reimbursement and 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast. Travel packages will be awarded to TWA-registered athletes with a Top 30 ranking according to the July 2015 TWA World Cup rankings.  Interested athletes can apply from 22 July until 19 August, 2015 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and The event website (in Chinese language only) is at

July 15 - Announcement Tower Park Praha Run Up on  September 13

Prague will host a new TWA Premium and WFGT Challenge event up the unique Zizkov TV Tower on 13 September 2015.  The Tower Park Praha Run Up, which doubles as the Towerrunning Czech Republic National Championships, will consist of two heats.  The first heat will see all runners scaling 544 stairs to the 93 meter high public observation deck.  The top 30 male and female athletes from the first heat will qualify for the final, involving a longer climb of 736 stairs to a 126 meter high outer deck that is usually closed to the public.  Prize money for the top male and female runners from the final race will be awarded: with 250 Euro for first; 100 Euro for second; and 50 Euro for third.

Tower Park Praha Run Up is pleased to announce travel packages for 6 European athletes (outside of Czech Republic) comprising 150 Euro travel reimbursement and 1 night accommodation with breakfast on a twin share basis. Four of the travel packages will be awarded to top-ranked TWA registered athletes according to the July 2015 TWA World Cup rankings, while the remaining two packages will be raffled among all TWA registered applicants with a top 50 world ranking. Interested athletes can apply from 15 July until 12 August, 2015 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and

June 21 -  GP of Europe Women     Galleries:  Vienna     Brno    Bratislava      Video

As with the men’s competition, the overall Grand Prix of Europe standings for the elite women went down to the wire in the final race in Bratislava, although the action started early on Friday evening up the 779 steps of the Danube Tower in Vienna.  As the runners took off in descending order based on their TWA World Cup ranking, all eyes were on the final three runners.  Polish mountain running champion Dominika Wisniewska Ulfik first posted a personal best 4:44.6, while World Cup silver medalist Lenka Svabikova (CZE) followed next in 4:45.7.  But it was four-time World Cup Champion Suzy Walsham (AUS) who took the eventual win and collected the maximum 78 points in a personal best 4:29.7.  In a surprise twist, the local Austrian winner of the women’s open event, Brigitte Stocker, broke the 5 minute mark and achieved fifth place in the overall women’s standings.

Saturday’s race moved to the 700 step AZ Tower in Brno, and although the stairwell was shorter and faster, the final steep, outdoor four floors provided a late-race challenge.  Svabikova was keen to improve her overall standings, but started out too fast, and faded slightly to finish in 3:49.9, claiming third place from fellow Czech Zuzana Krchova by only 0.1 seconds. The other two podium positions followed the same order as the previous day, with Walsham taking the win in 3:39.2 from Ulfik in 3:46.1.  After two days of competition, Walsham lead with 146 points, Ulfik was second with 122 and Svabikova third in 106 points.  “It’s been a tiring week for me so I am really happy to come away with two wins” commented Walsham, “I just have to keep it together for tomorrow and be on the podium.”

The final positions would be decided in the UFO’s short, narrow and spiraling staircase.  It was in this race last year that Svabikova first beat Walsham, and she knew she would have to repeat that performance to overtake Ulfik in the overall pointscore.  Despite slower times than the previous year, Walsham reversed the tables on Svabikova to win by just 0.1 seconds and take a clean sweep of victories and the overall title.  In a twist of fate, Ulfik took third place from Krchova also by 0.1 seconds.  And so it was that the overall Grand Prix second and third positions were decided by just 0.1 second, with Ulfik scoring 174 points from Svabikova’s 166.  “The weekend was great.  I especially enjoyed the Bratislava race because of the atmosphere and organization” Svabikova said.  Ulfik acknowledged the closeness of the competition “The Grand Prix of Europe was a real battle. I had some luck today but I am very happy with my overall second place”.  Her continued strong performance in leading World Cup races will now see her jump to third place in the TWA World Cup rankings,

The global attraction of the event was evident by the representation of 7 nations from 3 continents in the women’s Top 10, with the Czech Republic featuring prominently with 4 athletes.  In total, 43 athletes from eleven countries scored overall Grand Prix points.

June 21 -  GP of Europe Men     Galleries:  Vienna     Brno    Bratislava     Video

The TWA Grand Prix of Europe’s 3-day challenge started at one of Europe’s most historic races, with the 19th edition of the Donauturm Treppenlauf.  The tallest building in Austria, and the longest of the three events, Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) showed he was the man to beat running a personal best 3:25.7, to shave 1.2 seconds from his 2014 time.  Collecting valuable points, Tomas Celko (SVK) came in second in 3:29.7, and Tomas Macecek (CZE) ran a 6 second personal best to post 3:37.6.  But it was only the start of a long weekend of competition and after arriving back at the hotel close to midnight, the athletes didn’t have much time to catch up on valuable rest before embarking on the next event.

Saturday’s race moved to the Czech Republic’s tallest tower in Brno, the AZ Tower.  After a strong first race, local hero Macecek was looking forward to another good performance, “After my race in Vienna, I was so happy and self-confident for my home race” he said, but was left disappointed with his eventual sixth place, and slipped to fourth place in the overall standings with 104 points.  While the first and second places mirrored the previous day’s results, Celko ran a personal best 2:58.0 to close the time gap and finish less than 2 seconds behind Lobodzinski’s winning 2:56.1.  Third place went to Jakob Mayer (AUT), who moved into 3rd place in the overall standings with 114 points.  At the leaderboard, Lobodzinski’s 2 wins from 2 races saw him extend his lead from Celko by 24 points.

As spectators huddled around the live results board, the final thrilling race up Bratislava’s iconic UFO Tower played out.  Celko repeated his previous winning performances in Bratislava to claim his 3rd UFO Vertical Sprint title, finishing almost 4 seconds clear of second place.  “After two second places, I knew that I had to win UFO, and I am so happy to get my hattrick of victories here”, smiled Celko, “But if I would like to win overall, the result did not just depend on me.”  Indeed, Lobodzinski needed to finish on the podium to ensure an overall Grand Prix win, and in the end only 0.4 seconds separated second from fourth, critically impacting the final standings.  Lobodzinski clinched second place in 1:49.41, Macecek lunged at the line to claim third in 1:49.64 and secured his overall third-placed ranking, while Stefan Stefina (SVK) came in fourth in 1:49.80.  The closeness of the finish was not lost on Lobodzinski, “I am very happy to with the overall Grand Prix, but it was very close.  Luck was with me today.”

The top 5 male athletes shared in a prize pool of EUR2,100 and the final men’s standings saw Lobodzinski take the victory with 228 points, Celko second with 216 points and Macecek with 164 points.  An indication of the closeness of the competition, only 10 points separated third from fifth, with Stefina coming in fourth with 156 points, narrowly ahead of Mayer on 154 points.  Overall, six European nations were represented in the Top 10, and 46 athletes from 11 different countries scored overall Grand Prix points.

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