May 14 – Race Report Towerrunning 120 -  Subida Vertical Gran Hotel Bali - Benidorm      Gallery

Spain’s only Towerrunning Tour race was held in the coastal resort city of Benidorm last Saturday with the 13th staging of the Subida Gran Hotel Bali.  Despite very strong local competition, it was current European Champion Christian Riedl (GER) and European Championships runner up Iwona Wicha (POL) who took decisive victories.

Riedl smashed the course record by 13 seconds , proving his good form with an incredible time of 4:20.  “I am very happy both with the win and the new course record, iam in a good form right now and hope to be able to continue like this at the next races too ” said Riedl. In second place was Polish runner Piotr Lobodzinski who also beat the former course record, finishing in strong 4:28, with Stefan Stefina from Slovakia a close third in 4:33.

Wicha became only the third woman ever to break the 6min barrier, running a strong 5:55, to finish only a 1 second ahead of Dominika Wisniewska (POL).     “I was really pleased with my run today, it was my first ever Towerrunning 120 win, so iam very happy” commented Wicha “I really like the stairwell and the race atmosphere.”  Spain Maria Beltran Toledo was third in 6:15.  The top 3 women’s times were some of the fastest in the history of the race.

As the tallest building in the city, it is not a surprise that the Gran Hotel Bali has hosted the event for the past 13 years.  The rising popularity of the sport of Towerrunning saw increase of almost 100% in the number of competitors from the previous year, as runners challenged themselves up the 936 steps, 52 floors to the 190m high finish.  “ Excelent race, new course record and sunny weather,  what more can we expect from a race...” commented Dano Cecetka, TWA  President “Gran Hotel Bali Benidorm is an ideal place to organize such an event and we look forward to a strong future collaboration between the TWA and Gran Hotel Bali to continue the tradition of this great event.”

 Photos on Facebook by Kike Arazil

 May 10 - Announcement of Towerrunning 200 GuangZhou  

TWA is proud to announce the last race of Towerrunning Tour before the summer break. On Saturday, June 25th, 2016  the first edition of the Vertical Marathon Alliance race will be staged at the Citic Plaza in GuangZhou. Citic Plaza is an iconic building with a height of 391 meters located in Tianhe district of GuangZhou. The runners will climb 67 floors to the building observation deck. It will be the first Towerrunning Tour race in China this year.    
There will be 10 600 Euro in prize money waiting for the best runners. Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows:
1st – EUR 2000, 2nd – EUR 1500, 3rd – EUR 1000, 4th – EUR 500, 5th – EUR 300

The race organizer VMA and the TWA are pleased to offer travel packages for 10 athletes comprising 400 Euro travel reimbursement and 2 nights of accommodation including breakfast. The travel packages will be awarded to TOP 50 ranked applicants in April ranking using the official TWA elite application system. Interested athletes can apply from Wednesday, May 11 until Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and .

May 1 - Race Report Taipei 101 Run Up             Gallery        Finish Pictures (bib)

The three digit sequence 1 0 1 or the number 101 has a special meaning in different aspects of life and for every Towerrunner it defines an iconic tower in Taipei, which after its opening in 2005 for some years had the privilege of being the highest building of the world. It denotes too the only stair event simply identified by number. More than 4,500 competitors from over 30 countries were lining up for the 12th Taipei 101 Run Up to conquer the 2,046 steps and 91 floors up to the Observation deck. A special fact about this already traditional race is, that the course records set at the premiere in 2005 by Paul Crake (AUS) and Andrea Mayr (AUT) have survived until today.

Man of the day was the bib No. 6 - Frank Nicolas Carreno from Colombia. In his premiere race on Asian soil he climbed the 101 in 11:47,24. He was overjoyed about this greatest success in his career, the first ever win of a Colombian athlete in a Towerrunning race outside the American continent. Second place for the second year in a row went to Italian Emanuele Manzi in 11 :56 only nine seconds behind. A time of jut abit over 13 minutes meant 3rd place for German Görge Heimann. A few seconds behind there was a fierce battle for the valuable price of being the best Taiwanes athlete; finally  Yan Ching Jiang placed 4th in 13:056 beating last year´s third Jun Gu Guo (13:12) and Xin Kai Su (13:16).

In the women’s elite race the 2014 runner up and one time Empire State Building Run Up champion Alice McNamara returned to Taipei and this time no one was faster than the Australian rowing Olympian. Her time of 14:23 gave her clear victory continuing the Australian series in Taipei, making it  8th win for the Aussies ( Mark, Bourne 3 , Suzy Walsham, Paul Crake - each 2). Alice distanced young Czech athlete Zuzana Krchova (15:37) by more than a minute. Italian Towerrunning legend Christina Bonacina in 15:48 clocked her 2nd best time in Taipei, but like in 2008 and 2015 had to be content with 3rd place again. Jing Hui Shi was the best Taiwanese on 4th place in 16:30 beating Bridget Robertson (NZL-16:37), Li Chin Chiu (TPE-16:39) and Cindy Reid (AUS-16:55)
With a new main sponsor CTBC and the proven excellent organization by CTRRA  the 2016 Taipei 101 Run Up once again proved to be a key sporting event on the Taipei running scene. Besides elite sports on world class level other divisions like corporate and relay teams as well as self challenging amateurs make this event an example to promote a  healthy fitness regime. A very special winner of the day was Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je bettering his time from last year by some minutes.


April 23 – Race Report Towerrunning 120 -  Climb & Run for Wilderness - Calgary APR 23       Gallery

The pre-race favorites prove themselves by both clinching their maiden wins in the Towerrunning Tour 2016.

Gustavo Isaac Mendoza from Mexico and Cindy Harris from USA are the champions of this year’s Climb & Run for Wilderness in Calgary, the Towerrunning 120 race. This unique race combines the 1 km prerun and a single climb up the 52 floors and 802 steps at the Calgary Tower.

Mendoza clocked a time of 7:48 and celebrated his first ever victory in the Tour . “I am very happy with the win, my goal was the podium but to win here is just amazing. I will work even harder to be able to compete with the best,” he stated afterwards. Slovakia’s Patrick Schneidgen needed a time of 8:57 to master the difficult course, while Jason Larson from USA finished third in 9:18. The time difference between 4th and 5th place was only 6 seconds with the best Canadian Phil Parker finishing 4th and Adam Cellemme from USA finishing 5th. TWA President Daniel Cecetka says ” We are very glad that the youngsters are starting to show their potential and also the ability to adapt to new race formats. This is good news for the future of our wonderful sport”.

In the women’s division the experienced Cindy Harris from USA celebrated her first win of the season with the time of 10:21 and proved her good form. Jaclyn Skopac from Canada took the second place in 11:43, followed by Sophie Greer with 12:08 rounding off a strong performance by the local female runners.

More than 1,200 participants took part across the day’s 4 athletic events: Towerrunning 120 race, a family-friendly “fun climb”, a four-hour endurance climb and a team challenge. “The 25th Climb and Run for Wilderness has been without a doubt the most exciting and rewarding Earth Day Celebration we have had the honour to present. Towerrunning 120 race was an outstanding success and with the invited runners we continue to spread this event’s reach around the world,” said AWA Executive Director Christyann Olson.

Photos   by Alberta Wilderness Association

Video    by Patrik Schneidgen

April 17  -   Race Report: Valtellina Vertical Tube Race - Sondrio         Videos

Despite bad weather and rain for all the day more than 450 athletes finished on Sunday 17th  April “the toughest Kilometer of the World” . The race located in Montagna in Valtellina (Sondrio province in the north of Italy) consists of 2713 steps, for a total climb of 500 meters altitudeand an exact distance of 880 meters.

In the women field there was a great success for the British mountain runner  Emmie Collinge ,who won in an incredible 16’10” even beating her own record from last year. Valentina Belotti, former 4 time winner of Taipei Run Up 101 ,was second with 17’15”. Third place for Italian Vertical Km champion Samantha Galassi 17’58”. On 5th place with a time of 18’28” we find Ivonne Martinucci, the girl who was second in Latina Vertical Sprint. Expert towerrunner Cristina Bonacina finished 10th in 20’31” and the Czech Petra Vesela finished 29th in 23’02” on unfamiliar grounds.

More suspense was expected in the men elite field with local hero and race organizer race Emanuele Manzi starting first followed by 18 athletes ending with the great stair star Piotr Lobodzinski. The winner was young Italian Francesco Puppi, last year 3rd in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships and national champion of vertical kilometer with a time of 14’20”. Second was the ski mountaineerer Hannes Perkmann 14’25” and third Emanuele Manzi 14’50”, who clocked exactly the same time as last year. Piotr Lobodinski finished  on good 5th place with 14’54”. Piotr was able to run under 15’ on a track quite different from usual towerrunning, where you can use handrail techniques. Good race also for two Slovakian athletes; Tomas Celko who finished 15th despite the length of the race with 16’15” and  the sprinter Stefan Stefina was 26th  in 16’44”.

April 18 -  Announcement Towerrunning 200  Vienna Jun 17     Brno Jun 18   Bratislava Jun 19   

Following the successful staging of the 2015 Towerrunning Grand Prix of Europe , the same race format will again apply for this year’s Towerrunning 200 race.  Unique to the Towerrunning Tour calendar, the event will see athletes compete in three races, across three days, in three different countries, and while the height of the towers favour the shorter distance specialists, backing up to travel and race day after day adds a certain challenge and complexity to the competition. 

The first race on Friday 17th June will see climbers racing up Vienna’s 779 steps and 150m high Danube Tower (Donauturm), Austria’s tallest building.  Saturday’s race will move to the Czech Republic, up the 700 steps of Brno’s AZ Tower, the country’s tallest building; while the final thrilling race on Sunday 19st June will be up the challenging 430 step UFO Tower in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Runners will score points at each event, with the overall highest point scorers vying for a share of the 4,200 Euro prize pool.  Prize money will be distributed to male and female winners as follows:
1st – EUR 800   2nd – EUR 600   3rd – EUR 400   4th – EUR 200   5th – EUR 100

Race organizers and TWA are pleased to offer 10 travel packages to European athletes comprising 100 Euro travel reimbursement, 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, transport between races, and free race entry ( not eligible for Austrian, Czech and Slovak athletes ).  An additional 4 travel packages for athletes from other continents are available comprising 400 Euro travel reimbursement, 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, transport between races and free race entry.  Travel packages will be awarded to TOP 50 ranked TWA registered athletes using the official TWA elite application system. Interested athletes can apply from Monday 18 April until Sunday 1 May, 2016 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing and

Another 25 travel packages are also available to purchase as follows: 150 Euro for 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast or 200 Euro for 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast.  Both packages also include free race entry and bus transport between races. Interested athletes can apply from Monday 18 April until Sunday 5 June, 2016 at 10pm Central Europe Time by emailing or Athletes applying for travel packages do not need to register for individual events. 

Non elite runners can register at from 4 March until 13 June.

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