April 13 - Hustle up the Hancock  

Marking a triumphant return to racing after a brief retirement, and continuing his domination of recent Chicago and Midwest events, Eric Leninger beat his previous best time in the Hancock by 30 seconds, with a time of 9:42, winning by over a minute over second place finisher Jesse Berg (10:53).  John "Oz" Osborn eclipsed his previous best time in the Hancock despite registering too late for an elite start, narrowly missing a second place finish himself with a time of 10:56. Eleven year old Robert Liking put down an incredibly impressive 12:39, cementing his position as the most impressive climber in his age range, by far.

Cindy Harris returned to the winners podium yet again, with a time of 12:03. Chicagoan Sheri Breese finished second with a time of 13:09, despite focusing her training more on her upcoming Boston Marathon. Deborah Scheitlin and Jock Cameron followed in third and fourth position. 5th-placed Kristin Frey was not planning to race, but escort her father up the steps. When her father was unable to race due to an injury, she experimented with single stepping and not touching the handrails as running training. A top five finish while creating extra challenges is quite impressive.

April 12 - Announcement of Skyscraper Dash in Bangalore June 1  

Towerrunning goes India. After the successful premiere in Goa in February Bangalore follows with the Skyscraper Dash on June 1. Bangalore with a population of 8,5 million people is known as Silicon Valley of India too because of its importance in information technology.

Three event categories are planned: In the main division (evaluated for the Towerrunning World Cup) for individual climbers there will be a 250 yard prerun before going up the 850 stairs of World Trade Center. Intended for (corporate) teams in another race option the prerun will be 2,5km long. Finally with charity background there is the Everest challenge where teams of 7 people climb up and down the stairs 70 times.

Detailed information is available at the event website .

There are plans for other Towerrunning Events in Mumbay and Delhi too.

April 6 - Tallinn TV Tower Run       Video

Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) and Lenka Svabikova (CZE) are the proud winners of the first Towerrunning World Cup race in the Baltic area. The Polish World Cup leader conquered the 870 stairs of Tallinn TV Tower in 4:10.7 minutes. “I had a very good feeling, but I am very tired, like always after a difficult run. I really wanted to be quicker on the last five floors but I couldn’t push harder. The event was very well organized and I would be happy to come back next year,” said Lobodzinski after having completed his hat-trick of victories in Warsaw, Doha and Tallinn. Once more he outperformed his rivals Christian Riedl (GER, 4:20.8) and Tomas Celko (SVK, 4:34.7) by several seconds. At the first intermediate time Lobodzinski was already four seconds ahead of the immediate competitors and then continuously expanded the gap.

Becoming second and third in the recent Grand Prix Races, Lenka Svabikova now rose to the highest podium. Though she was the clear favourite, Svabikova expected a rather difficult race. “I wasn’t very confident about myself today,” the World Cup runner-up honestly admitted. "The conditions in Tallinn TV Tower were very good. Usually the climate in the stairwell is too hot, but in Tallinn it was nice and cool. I am really happy!” Lenka Svabikova finished the climb in 6 minutes and 12.8 seconds. Fastest Estonian Kaisa Kukk was 11 seconds ahead of the currently strongest European Towerrunning athlete at the second split, but her speed in the first half of the race took its tolls and Kukk dropped 5.7 seconds behind the experienced Czech athlete. 2011 World Cup champion Cristina Bonacina (ITA, 6:36.3) became third and Xinxin Maier (CHN, 6:59.0) took the fourth rank.

The 314 m-high TV Tower is Estonia’s tallest structure. The Tallinn TV Tower Foundation provides cultural and recreational services in the tower to market it as an international destination and tourist site. On April 4 the tower was re-opened after renovation. More than 200 participants from 14 countries climbed the Tallinn TV Tower and took part in the inaugural event of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge. The new global stair racing series is a common project of the Towerrunning World Association and the World Federation of Great Towers. The series will culminate in a joint WFTG Towerrunning Challenge and Towerrunning World Cup Final, which will take place on January 24, 2015 at Vienna’s Danube Tower. Each participating tower will award its race winners with round-trip airfare tickets to compete against top athletes of the World Cup series at the
grand final.

Now the focus of the stair racing sport moves to North America. With the Premium Race in Chicago (Hustle Up The Hancock) on April 13 and Calgary's heat of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge on April 26 excitement will be guaranteed in the coming weeks as well.

April 5 - Towerrunning Newspaper: First Edition (April 2014) published

In the April edition we report on the new WFGT Towerrunning Challenge series and summarize the most important information about the 2014 Towerrunning European Championships. Further topics are the successful live stream of the Polish Grand Prix and the 24 hour stair marathon in Radebeul's vineyards.
We are pleased about the contributions of our national associations and ask for more articles for upcoming editions. The Towerrunning Newspaper will be published before the first weekend every month and can be subscribed by the Mailing List .

April 5 - Fight for Air Climb Los Angeles  

Erika Aklufi currently ranked 6th in the Towerrunning World Cup celebrated a very special victory in her hometown. With her time of 9:14 she was exactly one second faster than the male winner Chris Whitney. On the female podium Erika  was surrounded by Veronica Stocker and Madeleine Fontillas Ronk. Nearly 1000 participants raced up to the open air finish on top of iconic AON Center - the second highest building of Los Angeles.

 April 4 - World Cup Splits

Upcoming Premium Races: World Cup premiere in Estonia with the TV Tower Run in Tallinn and the traditional Hustle up the Hancock in Chicago (registration closed)

Informations about the 10th Taipei 101  Run Up on May 5th are  online now - registration is possible.

European Championships: For the events in Brno (June 21 14:00 ) and Bratislava (June 22 14:00) registration has already opened. On April 21 it will also be possible to register for the first race of this three day tournament - the Donauturm Treppenlauf in Vienna (June 20 18:00). The revival of this classic race will be held as a night event. 

News Image

April 4 - Announcement  of WFGT Towerrunning Challenge

The stair racing sport is becoming increasingly popular. More and more countries are joining the Towerrunning World Cup calendar and there is an increasing group of international athletes competing at the tallest towers and skyscrapers worldwide. The Towerrunning World Cup is now going to be complemented by a novel global series of stair races. Can you imagine better venues for this new series than the great monuments being members of the World Federation of Great Towers? After months of hard work and putting all the “stairs” together, it is high time to announce the launch of the first ever WFGT Towerrunning Challenge 2014.

9 great towers all over the world will host WFGT Towerrunning Challenge 2014 events with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle as well as the different venues. The series will be kicked of at the Tallinn TV Tower Run on April 6. Later on, the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge will visit Calgary, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Bratislava, Sydney, Prague, Portsmouth and Melbourne, which means high-carat Towerrunning presence on 4 different continents. An additional promotional event has already been staged in Macau. The series will culminate in the joint WFGT Towerrunning Challenge and Towerrunning World Cup Final, which will take place on January 24, 2015 at Vienna's Danube Tower. Each participating tower will award its race winners with round-trip airfare tickets to compete against the top athletes of the World Cup series at the grand final.

The World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT) is an international association of great monuments which includes some of the most famous buildings in the world. The tower is one of mankind’s oldest architectural accomplishments. Meanwhile great towers have acquired new purposes in communication and tourism. Millions of visitors scale great towers each year to admire their spectacular panoramas. The WFGT aims on developing local and international opportunities for its member towers to promote themselves and to encourage networking, idea sharing and fruitful partnerships between the great towers of the world. The WFGT Towerrunning Challenge 2014 is organized in close cooperation with the Towerrunning World Association (TWA), whose President Sebastian Wurster emphasizes the scope of the new collaboration: "With the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge we are able to add another global project to our portfolio. The new series will significantly overlap with our existing Grand Prix and Premium selections, but it also includes new outstanding events in largely unexploited areas."

Daniel Cecetka, TWA Sports Director and promoter of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge highlights the importance of the joint final race. "The invitation policy on the basis of races in all major Towerrunning areas guarantees a particular high level of competition at the World Cup Final in Vienna. We cannot imagine a better location for that race than one of the most traditional European Towerrunning venues and home city of the TWA." The Danube Tower also hosts the first race of the 2014 Towerrunning European Championships in June.

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