August 9 - Start of TWA Survey
The Towerrunning summer break is almost over and we are looking forward to the last third of the season with many high-carat events all over the world. While the athletes will travel the world, it's high time to launch the preparations for the coming year. In September the Sporting Commission of the TWA will decide on the amendments to the World Cup rules and the members of the Towerrunning World Council are going to review the TWA statutes. Not only official representatives, but all athletes, event partners and Towerrunning fans are invited to contribute to the decision-making processes to ensure that our rules, projects and publications will meet your expectations.
Please fill in and return the questionnaire to until August 31. Replies until August 17 will be evaluated for a presentation at the Towerrunning workshop in Vienna. Your answers will serve as a valuable basis for our brainstorming session. We look forward to your feedback, ideas and proposals.
The Questionnaire can be downloaded here

August 9 - Start of voluntary TWA registration
In the 2015 season the Towerrunning World Association and our sport will do another step towards global professionalization by introducing an athlete registration system, connected with a systematic data management and new services.
From today all athletes can sign up at here by filling in a registration form. Subsequently, you will receive your individual TWA Athlete ID number. This ID together with your password will give you access to a personal page in a protected area of the TWA website. From 2015 your individual access can be used to view your race results and statistics, apply for TWA elite athlete support (travel packages ...) and register for international Towerrunning championships.
Additional information are provided in this explanatory document . Once the test period is completed and the payment system has been launched in the beginning of September you can convert your account into an official TWA license. 

August 8 - Reminder Millenium Tower Run Up Vienna on August 23

  On August 23 the Grand Prix series of the Towerrunning World Cup will celebrate its next event after the summer break. The Millennium Tower Run Up will host the Austrian Grand Prix and numerous top-ranked stair runners have already signed up. We ask you to bear in mind that in contrast to previous years World Cup points can only be scored in the triple climb ("Extreme") division.

Registration is still possible - Vienna waits for you !

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August 8 - Announcement of TWA meetings on Millenium Tower Run Up weekend

  After the award ceremony of the Millennium Tower Run Up on August 23 the TWA will organize a meeting in a restaurant nearby the tower. All interested athletes, officials, representatives of national associations and TWA members are invited. We will discuss many exciting topics such as the newly introduced athlete registration. Share our ideas and meet like-minded peers. On Sunday, August 24, an official workshop of leading TWA members at the Danube Tower will complete the Viennese Towerrunning weekend.

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July 6  -  New World Record at Himmelsleiterlauf Keltern            Gallery

Defending champion Marvin Bär (GER) has won the third edition of Keltern's Himmelsleiterlauf. Closely failing to improve the track and world record in the first climb, the physiotherapist and amateur soccer player raced the final heat in 18.53 seconds. With an average of 0.1177 seconds per step (8.50 stairs per second) he improved his own average speed world record in official TWA World Cup races. Since the inaugural edition of the Himmelsleiterlauf in 2012 the linear concrete staircase in Keltern-Ellmendingen with its 157.5 stairs is famous as the fastest playground in the Towerrunning World Cup series. Women's world record holder Ronja Zonsius (GER) defended her title, but without improving last year's time.

The Himmelsleiterlauf was the tenth stop of the Towerrunning Germany series. With seven races still to come Xinxin Maier, fifth in Keltern, and Rafael Klosok sit atop the intermediate standings. The LVM Skyrun Münster will host the grand final of the German series on October 12.

June 30  -  Elite Runner Invitation for Corrida Vertical Santos on July 27 

The organization team of Corrida Vertical Santos and  the Towerrunning World Association invite all athletes to participate in the third edition of this race to be held on July 27 in the city of Santos, Brazil. This year we are pleased to announce that the organization will provide airfare and accomodation for one foreign elite runner. Applications shall be sent to and until July 3. Eligible are all athletes (male or female) who are ranked among the Top 15 of the current Towerrunning World Cup standings as of June 22. The selection will be done by draw among all applications.

The race track is a scenic outdoor mountain path of 415 stairs distributed at a distance of 850 meters leading from Itororo Fountain up to  the Chapel of Monte Serrat overlooking Santos. Record holders are Reginaldo Pereira da Silva (4:46) and Angelina das Graças Rafael (6:14).

July 4 - Draw Result: The Invitation goes to Cindy Harris (USA) !
Update July 6 -
As Cindy Harris had to withdraw the invitation was passed over to Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) !

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