October 23  -  Announcement Asian & Oceanian Championships (Final Jan 9th, 2015 at Canton Tower)    

Before the final whistle will be blown in the 2014 Towerrunning World Cup season at Vienna's Danube Tower on January 24, 2015, it's time for celebrating a new dimension of stair racing on Asian grounds. A novel vertical marathon series in GuangZhou will culminate in a grand final with local and international competition, which will be regarded as the inaugural Asian & Oceanian Towerrunning Championships. And the best is yet to come: The Canton Tower, venue of Championship's final on January 9, 2015, is the fifth-tallest freestanding structure in the world and the tallest building ever having staged a Towerrunning event. A truly amazing challenge not only for the regional participants, but also for the world's strongest stair runners, who can secure their share of the 6,000 USD prize purse. The winners of selected Asian and Oceanian Grand Prix and Premium Races as well as the top-ranked competitors of the Towerrunning World Cup series will receive travel packages to enter the Canton Tower Run.

The Asian & Oceanian Championships, organized by Rings Sport Marketing, are officially sanctioned by the Towerrunning Word Association (TWA), the international governing body of stair racing. By hosting the Continental Championship, the final race will become an additional entry in the TWA's prestigious Grand Prix series. The Chinese Towerrunning Grand Prix will rank among the world's premier events such as the Empire State Building Run Up, the SkyRun MesseTurm Frankfurt or Doha's Torch Staircase Run, famous for their excellent organizational standards and outstanding participant fields.

The hyperboloid Canton Tower, member of the World Federation of Great Towers, is a new landmark in the centre of GuangZhou city, located on the Pearl River. It was opened to the public in October 2010 when GuangZhou hosted the 16th Asian Games. The Canton Tower harbours one of the highest and largest outdoor observation decks in the world. The crystal cars of an almost horizontal Ferris wheel circumnavigate the rooftop and offer a scenic view of this flourishing metropolis - a well deserved reward for the Canton Tower conquerors.

Prior to the final on January 9, 2015 the local competitors can qualify for the Canton Tower Run by taking part in the five preliminary heats of the GuangZhou Vertical Marathon series in November and December 2014. "It is an honour for Rings Sport Marketing Ltd. (Rings Sport) to cooperate with the TWA to organize the first Asian & Oceanian Championships", says International Affair Director David Chan. "Rings Sport honours its corporate social responsibilities by enthusiastically promoting healthy and sustainable living. The company also actively encourages reading and holistic development as well as caring for society's underprivileged. Rings Sport has been an enthusiastic contributor in community efforts and encourages its staff to develop a healthy lifestyle." With the motto "Conquer GuangZhou" the GZ Vertical Marathon series welcomes you to the great Towerrunning party on January 9th, 2015.

October 5  -  Announcement LVM Skyrun Münster on October 12    extraordinary 120 point status

The debut season of the Towerrunning Germany series heads towards its last race in Münster. On October 12 the LVM Tower will host a truly grandiose Final. The LVM Skyrun is the only Tower Run worldwide using a knock-out system. After a first ascent in ITT format the fastest 128 men and 32 women will enter the elimination heats. Seeding is performed according to the times of the previous heat to prevent that the top athletes will eliminate each other in an early stage of the tournament. That procedure will be repeated until the winners are determined. The finalists will have raced 2880 stairs (men) or 2160 stairs (women) before they can secure their share of the 4,500 € prize purse.

Referring to the provisional list of participants as of October 2, 2014, the Sporting Commission of the TWA (WCOB) has decided that the event, belonging to the Trial category, may receive an extraordinary 120 points status according to section 3.7.4 of the World Cup Rules. For finally assigning that status the actual field quality index needs to exceed the threshold of 9.0. In the meantime official registration is closed, but anyone making the last-minute decision to join in can sign up on race day (between 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.).

September 29  -  Announcement of Spinnaker Tower-Thon in Portsmouth on October 12

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth has launched the search for the fastest stair runner to conquer 530 stairs. The race, to be held on October 12, forms part of the WFGT Towerrunning Challenge 2014, a series of stair runs around the world, which will culminate in the grand final at the Danube Tower in Vienna. The winners of the Spinnaker Tower-Thon will be flown to Vienna to take part, pitted against the other series’ winners and the strongest Towerrunning World Cup competitors.

Sarah Webb, general manager at Spinnaker Tower, commented: “We’re excited to stand alongside a series of fellow towers worldwide to offer this fantastic opportunity. I’m looking forward to seeing our runners challenge themselves to get their hands on the prize!”

The World Federation of Great Towers is an international association of 45 great monuments which include some of the most famous buildings in the world. The Spinnaker Tower is among prestigious company in hosting a stair run, with other members of the federation participating in the same series including the Empire State Building, Sydney Tower, Calgary Tower, Macau Tower, Melbourne Tower among others.

September 28  -  12 Hour Towerrunning World Record by Christian Riedl 

It took only 10 hours 34 minutes and 11.25 seconds for Christian Riedl (GER) tos smash the standing 12 hour Towerrunning World Record in Frankfurt's Tower 185. 62 complete laps and additional 44 floors and 5 stairs equalled the vertical distance of 11644 m climbed by Justin Stewart (USA) in November 2013.

Within the 12 hour time frame  the Germany champion finally climbed the 50 stories of the tower for an unbelievable 71 times equalling 70.148 stairs. This corresponds to a vertical distance of 13145,65 m , a new record mark which may last for a long time.

After the event support and documentation crew as well as accompanying media representatives celebrated with a tired but happy new world record holder.  All the detailed information about Christian´s progress can be seen at

September 28   Frankfurt/Main        12h Stair Climbing World Record Attempt by Christian Riedl

On September 28, German stair runner Christian Riedl, who is currently ranked 3rd in the Towerrunning World Cup ranking, will try to set a new world record in 12 hour stair climbing in Tower 185 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The current record, which is only nine months old, is held by Justin Stewart, one of the best American stair climbers and last year’s winner of the SkyRise in Chicago's iconic Willis Tower. Last November, he climbed the Hilton Hotel in Springfield (USA) 116 times meaning 61,712 steps and a vertical height of 11.644,36 m.

With a height of 200 m Tower 185 is the fourth highest office building in Germany and represents the grand entrance to Frankfurt’s Europaviertel. Tower 185 has been built between 2008 and 2011 setting new benchmarks for high-rise construction in terms of eco-friendliness, energy efficiency and architectural design. During his record attempt, the 34 year old Riedl is running between ground floor and floor 50 at exactly 185 meters. Since only the upwards vertical meters will count for the world record, it is explicitly allowed and advisory to use the elevator for the way downwards back to the entry of the stairwell.

Christian Riedl is aware of the difficulty of setting a new world record: “Justin’s record is definitely hard to beat. He is one of very few tower runners, who are not only very good at running up skyscrapers once, but he is also excellent at long distance endurance sports events.” However, besides focusing on the Towerrunning World Cup over the last years, Riedl has always been active in different areas, among which last year’s Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona/Hawaii has definitely been a highlight. Nearly ten years ago he has already been age-group world champion in ultra bicycle marathon. Interestingly, Riedl’s first stair run has been the Mount Everest Stair Marathon near Dresden (Germany) ranging over 39,700 steps. Back in 2007, he became second behind the Swiss Kurt Hess, current world record holder for 24 hour stair climbing. At that time he was infected by the idea of setting a world record of his own.

For the past weeks, Riedl has been training intensively in Tower 185. His longest training session lasted eight hours. The average time for one complete lap on the racetrack, which was two floors shorter than on event day, was around ten minutes being fast enough to beat the record. Despite these good training results the winner of this year’s Premium Race in Almere is cautious: “I have already competed in many endurance events lasting over many hours. Anything can happen, especially in the last third of the race. However, if I am in good health at the starting line, I am confident to break the record.” The start of the record attempt will be 08:00 a.m. at Tower 185, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, Frankfurt/Main (Germany).
Follow Christian´s progress live on Facebook: .

September 26  -  Announcement Ascenso Torre Colpatria in Bogota on December 8     

December 8 has emerged as the traditional date of the Colombian Towerrunning Grand Prix in Bogota. This year the " Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria" will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Thousands of athletes are going to climb the colorfully illuminated landmark of the Colombian capital. With a particular strong line-up, exceptional organizational standards and nation-wide television broadcast the event is Towerrunning's flagship race in Latin America. As the Colombian Grand Prix is one of just three direct qualifying races for the 2015 Towerrunning World Championships in Doha, the winners will secure their invitation to the inaugural global championships in our sport.

Correcaminos Colombia and the Towerrunning World Association are proud to offer a free-round trip including airfare, accommodation and meals for up to 6 international competitors. Athletes belonging to the top 15 in the Towerrunning World Cup standings as of September 21 can apply for an invitation by sending an email to TWA Sports Director Daniel Cecetka ( until October 5. Please be aware that due to the particular demands and conditions in Bogota's high altitude the World Cup ranking will not serve as the only qualification criterion, but we may consider successes in other sports too. For this reason we ask all applicants for submitting a list of previous achievements in other sports when applying for an invitation.

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